Materials for restoration

Felts and butyle rubber for the reservoir, we have left some pieces for spare parts, ask us if you need some help.


Our old Estey Organ being restored.

We want to share with you our work to show how we have restored our old Estey Reed Organ.

This organ has made a long way, it was bought first for use in a Chapel in Tarragona’s Cathedral (Spain), then it was given to our grandmother. She had the organ at home for a few years, and afterwards, it was installed in the Church of Bellaterra Parrish (Barcelona). My mother usually played there during the mass services.

Some time later the organ changed its place and went to La Batlloria Church (Barcelona), but finally, arrived home, as a present of my father.

The organ couldn’t be played, there was not enough pressure in the pumps, the wood needed to be cleaned and treated against insects. Finally after perhaps 500 hours working, we are proud to show the final results to everybody.